Installing IPTV Smaters On A Firestick

a step by step guide

IPTV Smarters is software you will need to view IPTV on a Firestick.

This is a little more complicated as the software is not in the Amazon Store, but if you follow these steps you will install it easily.

Firstly you need to hover over the settings on the main menu of your Firestick

and select My Fire TV

and then select developer options,
and then apps from unknown sources (which will be off) and click to turn it on

You will receive a warning

so just select Turn On.

Return to the Main Menu and hover over the search options and type in Downloader

This will bring up the downloader app on your screen

Select the Downloader App and you may have to agree to give the app permission - just select Allow

Next type in the URL (address) exactly as below:

wait for the file to download

and when it has finished click install

and you have installed the IPTV software which will appear on your menu

Now you have just to tell the software your username and password, so open the app.

When you first open it you will need to add a user, with the details you have received.

The first line is any name you wish to give the user.
The second line is the username you have been given.
The third line is the password you have been give,
The fourth line is the server address you have been given.

When you have filled these in simply press "ADD USER" and if you did not make a mistake the software will download lists from the server.

When this is completed you will be shown the main menu of the software and you are ready to go!

That's it!


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