What Do I Need?

maybe nothing!

You must have the internet in your home for use on a TV, or a phone\tablet\computer with access to the internet. And of course a subscription.

If you intend to view on a computer, phone, fire stick or a tablet just a small piece of software which you can download from the appropriate store. It is available for Android and Apple. The software has a free version and a pro version for a small upgrade price.


A firestick is available from amazon by clicking the image below:

Our personal preference is a program call IPTV Smarters. A useful article which explains how to set up the software on platforms is on Tripoint's site and you can read it by clicking here.

Use on a TV

Some of the later smart TV's have IPTV software built in. If your TV has not the software you will need a small box.

There are quite a few on the market but we strongly recommend the Informir MAG424w3. It has a remote which makes viewing and searching a breeze.

Click the image below to order from Amazon.



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